Wolverine (Marvel vs Capcom2)

Here's Wolverine as he's done MvC style. I used a ML6 brown Wolverine as the base and sculpted larger ears/bootcuffs, longer gloves, and added shoulderpads. The rest was just basic repainting... until it came time for the claws. My bobby pins recipe was cool for comic versions, but I needed larger, thicker, more defined claws this time around. I found one of those 7-piece 'home repair' needle kits with all the odd looking needles in it like the curved ones and the thick ones for leather. Among them was a bent-tip one called a 'sail needle' used for repairing boat sails. You'll have to pick up six of the packs just to get the one needle you need as I can't find anywhere that sells the bent-tip sail needle seperatly. Fortunatly they're only a buck a pack.

Chop chop, hack hack, some apoxie sculpt on the back of Wolvie's hands to keep them in place and suddenly I have the next new set of Wolverine claws. They're ridged on the top, curving just at the tip and coming to a nice point while being totally mirror shiny! My absolute favorite claws of all time.

Here's an earlier one I did based on the Face Off Wolverine body, needs work on the thickness of the ears and the shoulderpads tho:

Custom Wolverine Figure

Custom Wolverione Action Figure

Custom Action Figure

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