Custom MCU style Wolverine movie figure, Marvel legends scale!

With the Avengers Age of Ultron movie upon us we're getting to see even more classic characters given the Marvel Cinematic Universe treatment. Here I bring you a concept MCU styled Wolverine Marvel Legends custom figure. Should Fox ever give up the X-men rights could we envision Logan looking something like this? Wolverine was made from the upper body/lower legs of a Marvel Universe Apocalypse, Sabertooth lower body, Hush Batman lower arms, and an X-force Wolvie head. Uniform sections, buckles, straps, and fins were all sculpted using Aves Fixit/Apoxie Sculpt. Claws were crafted from carbon steel tines that came from a spring-loaded meat tenderizer sharpened and angled. Wolvie was wrapped up in an airbrushed paint job and sealed with Liquitex varnish for protection. I also created a claw/battle damaged MCU style Captain America shield so you could create some X-men vs Avengers movie battles!

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