Custom Witchblade Mavel Legends action figure

She's deadly, armored, and wearing hardly anything at all. It's Sarah Pezzini the Witchblade! This custom Witchblade figure was created using the Hope Summers body with LCBH Witchblade armor and lower legs. A Moore Collectibles Michael Irons hand/removable tendril was used for the right gauntlet. Witchblade sports a Marvel Legends Phoenix head with the Witchblade hair. Aves Apoxie Sculpt was used to sculpt the skimpy bio-armor that covers her body and she was painted with a metallic blue/sliver combo.

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Witchblade Figure

The Witchblade

The new Legendary Comic Book Heroes by Marvel Toys (aka ToyBiz) are astoundingly sweet! The Witchblade figure is the best sculpt we've had in years from them and the Pitt BAF? Wow... But I wanted a silver-colored Witchblade like I remember her from the comics. Also those chainmail granny-panties had to go. So I removed her forearms and replaced them with the old Kenneth Irons Witchblade figure's forearms, giving them cut-joints as well. He always had a more fearsome-looking claw and I wanted it bigger for Sarah. Her underwear was removed by sanding then polishing so the plastic looked pristine again, afterwards I resculpted the armored thong to cover her naughty bits using Fixit Sculpt. A quick repainting later and she was done! All that really needed to be done to her face was add the darker eyes shadow, eyelash line, and lip gloss. Now what to do with the extra Pitt upper torso.... I know, make an 'open mouth' variant! I carefully sliced the teeth apart, resculpted the lower ones where his incisors overlapped, and hollowed out behind them making the back of the jaw thinner. Then I heated the plastic, stuck some random part in his mouth, and sculpted a brace behind the jaw to keep the mouth open. Poof, done!

I also made Sarah Pezzini in her street clothes using another Witchblade figure, removing the armor bits from her face, and using a Buffy Deluxe figure of some sort. Can't remember who she was, came with a compound bow however. The right hand is swappable with the gauntlet as well.

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