Custom GI Joe War Zone

”Normally we'd send a guy like this packing upon enlistment as he claimed he was 'sent from the future' to help with the fight against Cobra. But after seeing what he can do in combat and the amazing technology he can design, well we really don't know what to think. Known only as War Zone this grizzled vet tells stories of surviving World War 3 and displays remarkable agility and strength for someone his age. Although he won't let Doc get close enough to run any tests on him we've let his that slide for now. War Zone has proved invaluable to the team as both a soldier and friend, currently beating both Shipwreck and Gung-Ho at arm wrestling... at the same time! ”

Warzone is the new 'mech tech/future soldier' in the Joe team and was made from:

Head: Palisades AoD Ash
Body: Snow Serpent
Lower Arms: Indiana Jones
Upper Legs: Sgt Flash
Lowe Legs: Gung Ho
Belt: Modded Snake Eyes web gear

War Zone

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