Custom Wart H.O.G. GI Joe Action Figure

"The progression of android troopers in combat has grown by leaps and bounds. Cobra first created the B.A.T., the Joes countering with their C.O.M.B.A.T. unit. Now with the stakes even higher to produce efficient android combat troopers an independent company has entered the fray with their new model, the Wart H.O.G. This Heavy Operations Grunt has true Artificial Intelligence programming and can personally interact with troops while carrying out commands. Its strength makes it perfect for heavy lifting or supply runs and full combat training comes standard with each model. Order yourself a H.O.G. today!"

Parts Used:

Head: Broken Arrow Toys headcast
Body: SW Magna-Guard
Helmet: General Hawk
Hands: Roadblock
Lower body: Flint


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