Custom Transformers Classics Warpath Figure

He's on a Warpath, look out! Oh man that was a bad pun. If you're a G1 Transformers fan you probably remember the small red tank Warpath. He basically 'stood up' to transform and the hatch became his head. Well I use to love that little guy and redesigned him for the modern series. His main body was the Classics Megatron 2-Pack Ultimate Battle Megatron but his arms are Movie Dreadwing's legs! If you open Dreadwing's waist and widen the holes on the legs they fit right inside Meg's shoulders. The legs were trimmed down so they folded forward and I whipped up some wrists/hands for him. Warpath's head is a modded Movie Long Arm's head.

I crafted the front cannon out of the old Megatron's cannon arm and part of Cybertron Longrack's crane hydraulics. We use every part of the buffalo here, hah! The paint job is two tones of red and has tons of panel lines and shading. There's a little hatch-camera-eye on the top you can move around and he comes complete with a rubsign on the front of the vehicle just like the G1 version. There's rare earth magnets (one under the rubsign) that hold the cannon and camera-hatch on. I hope I paid the little guy homage with this figure, enjoy!