Custom Steampunk War Machine Action Figure

Wow, when I undertook creating this figure I didn't know how long or how many parts it would take. To start I used two movie Mark 1 Iron Man figures to get the same lower legs/feet, just flipping the upper thigh around and modding the ankles/knees for greater range of movement. The upper body is from an Army of Zen Maximo Clock Puncher figure with the head from a Megablocks magna-war machine.

Creating the back weaponry took a lot of time and fodder parts, some from McFarlane Frankenstein playset, some from Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars, and other parts that I have no idea where they came from. The back voltage arc is glow in the dark and came from some Japanese Monster-lady-themed playset. Then came adding each individual rivet, all the gears, panels, and bolts. The chest cannon was made from Star Wars and Sigma 6 parts.

Since this is 'Steampunk Marvel' it's set in a different universe. Instead of a man in a suit we have a true "War Machine", this mechanical golem that aids Iron Man. Just wait till you see the twists I have planned for other Marvel characters.

Steampunk War Machine

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