Marvel Icons Custom War Machine 1/6th Scale Figure

An Icons 12" custom has been completed! My first actually, War Machine. He was made exclusivly for a kid's Christmas Basket Auction and some lucky kid will find him under the tree on Christmas day. Sorry, no Ebay for this fellow. However you do gets pics! War Machine was made from the Icons Iron Man body with custom lower jaw sculpt, Galactus BAF hands, Fox Football robot shoulder pads, shoulder Gatling Gun and cannon from some Sigma 6 characters, Omega Red shoulderpads for his kneepads, and other fodder. Neo Shifter parts provided the folding and pivoting arms that hold the weapons over his shoulder and I decked him out with all sorts of airbrushing, weathering, and splatter effects. You can do so much more with larger figures in terms of detail, it just takes a LOT of paint.

War Machine