Custom War-Chest, Masters of the Universe Classics concept figure

In the cosmic arena controlled by the space faring Game Master the combatants fight for glory but rarely freedom. War-Chest was one of the many fighters that longed for his home planet but knew he would never be accepted back with the bio-mechanical additions that Game Master had grafted on to him. Wielding the power to blast powerful rays of energy from the cannon upon his chest, War-Chest was at the top of his ranking before Vykron defeated him. War-Chest won his freedom when He-Man defeated Game Master and escaped to Eternia to start anew.

This concept character for Game Master's cosmic arena games was created using a Sy-Klone upper body, Flogg waist/upper legs, unknown figure's lower legs, Cy-Chop modded head, and Overtkill lower arms. A Captain America WS binocular set piece was used for the cannon and a Sigma 6 missile weapon for the removable hand.

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