King Willie's Voodoo Paint Brush

This brush found its way into my possession years ago when I was traveling though Louisiana with my father to help move a friend to Texas. We had to stop for gas in one of those right-out-of-the-movie gas stations in the middle of nowhere. While he was pumping gas I went around back to use the restroom. Finishing up, I stepped out and noticed smoke coming from the thick woods behind the station and like any inquisitive young lad decided to investigate. After all what if someone was in trouble? Pushing my way past branches and reeds I found the source of the smoke, a chimney thank goodness. It was attached to a dilapidated old shanty in which all manner of things hung from the porch. There were shells, skulls, tanned hides, snake heads, and strange jars wrapped in cord in which preserved parts were floating in.

"Ey boy, watchoo doin here round mine hut eh?" Out stepped an old man dressed in tattered clothes wearing tattered clothes and a large, strange hat. Around his shoulders were feathers and bones. Oh right, he must be a taxidermist. Why else would he have all these dried animal parts hanging around his shop? I told him I had seen the smoke and was just passing through. Also that I was familiar with taxidermy having dabbled in it myself and asked him if he used Aves Apoxie sculpt in his craft. "You sayin that young fingahs like yours, take to the arts and crafts of the dark eh?" Yep, I was an artist and while I used a 5000k daylight bulb to work under explained how I created all sorts of monsters, creatures, and zombies, some of the creepiest things you ever saw. "Well then I be havin sumthin that might be an interest to you boy. Its special, real special. You paint the marking see..on the ones yah want to walk de earth, on your zombies man..."

Well hot dog, it was a new brush! With...a....chicken's foot on the end of it. The old man explained how I was suppose to attach a 'part of the creation' to the dangling strand and do some sort of chant but I figured he was just trying to draw out the conversation. He man asked for a little payment so I handed him a five spot, some coupons to Papa John's, and a brochure for Apoxie Sculpt so he could order it right from Aves. I was pretty sure they shipped to the bayou. But now I had to get back. It didn't take ten minutes to take a leak but I could probably explain to my dad how those Nathan's hot dogs had bound me up something terrible. So with a nod I bid farewell to... wait, what was his name? "It's Willie, King Willie. Don't you be forgetting it now boy. An you keep on makin dem zombies till dem spirits tell you otherwise." he said with a grin, gold teeth shining in the candlelight. I headed back to the gas station and it was back on course to Texas. And I've been painting my custom zombies and monsters with that brush ever since.

Voodoo brush

Voodoo charm

custom Voodoo

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