Void Jumper Joe, custom GI Joe figure

"Signing up to defend America sometimes has one taking to the skies, but never quite like this! The Void Jumpers are fearless Joes who want to battle Cobra head on and miles up in the air. With Void technology trickling in from black market sectors the Joes were able to reverse engineer their own flight packs thanks to Hi-Tech. Now donning protective gear and leaping off of the Helicarrier flight deck, the Joes are ready to bring Cobra back down to Earth! "

Void Jumper was made from the head of a Tron Legacy Black Guard, ROC Stormshadow body, POC Jungle Viper upper legs/lower arms, POC Arctic Destro lower legs, Hotwheels Custom Motors part for the jetpack. Unmasked head was from a Kade Skywalker SW figure

GI Joe Custom Figure

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