Asheron's Call 'Virindi' Costume with Mask

All these years I've been talking about doing it, making a complete Virindi costume to go along with my mask. Since the original mask now sits in Turbine's office as a gift to them I had to make another. I used a hard plastic metallic ghoul mask for the basic shape and resculpted over the entire surface with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, carving the tear-slits through so I could breathe and speak easier. Sunglasses lenses were used for the eyes and there is an LED system that activates with your lips to light the eyes up on command! The entire thing was airbrushed, weathered, and cracks added for creepy realisim.

The costume itself was hand-made and took almost 25 yards of fabric to create. First a robe underform was made and then multiple overlapping panels were sewn to that. The hood/shoulders are made of a one-piece wire/foam form that sits comfortably on your shoulders and has a black inner fabric that makes the mask look like it's floating there with no neck. The sickles were made from wood and metal, hidden in the sleeves until you're ready for them to drop down on a slide and appear.

There's also the Virindi Amulet, hand sculpted from Aves Apoxie sculpt which also lights up with any motion, pulsing with a heartbeat effect. Overall I had a total blast making this and was asked to appear at my town's annual renaissance festival. Everyone thought I was Death incarnate but some ren-goers ventured closer to ask what I was. "Why I am a simple human traveller, enjoying the festival same as yourselves. Why yes it is hot out today, good thing I am wearing short sleeves, yes?" It was a stunning success and I was asked to appear at future festivals to interact with guests. I told you one day I'd have the whole thing completed... only took me about 4 years! Now if I can only figure out how to hover a foot off the ground... hmmmm.

Virindi Costume Virindi

Virindi Mask