Custom Vava MKII: GI Joe Alterverse Megaman character

"Dr Wily created some deadly Reploids but never have we seen anything this dangerous. This one was smart, cunning, and downright vile with its contempt for X and Zero. Soon the PIT was ablaze with exploding Plasma and wreckage as the reploid calling itself 'Vava' attacked. He was able to absorb all replicate all the unique attacks X sent his way and even best Zero leaving the hero gravely injured. But when all was thought lost, Dr. Light appeared and Vava simply left. Further questioning is needed in this matter."

This figure was made from:

Head: Heavily modded Clone Wars trooper helmet
Upper body: SW Comic 2-pack Antares Draco
Lower body: RoC Shipwreck
Hands: Marvel Universe Iron Man
Lower Legs: RoC Cobra Viper
Cannon: Transformers 2-pack Megatron tank


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