Custom Marvel Universe Venom figure

When I started this custom I didn't think it would turn out quite as complicated as it did. A simple leg swap and that was that, eh? But nooooo. Venom uses a Spiderman 3 3/4" Venom upper body (the store bought one has NO knee/ankle artic) and Wolverine Origin Sabertooth legs. The hip pegs didn't match inside the thigh pegs and wanted to tear almost immediately so a whole crack-open-the-body-technique was needed. From there I had to hollow out the hip sockets to accommodate Sabe's hips, widen the peg holes, then shave down the hard inner discs, use superglue/bakingsoda to fill in Sabe's costume lines, and finally remove a few millimeters from his feet so he wasn't so gangly. Swivel wrists were added and his neck was modded to allow a better range of movement. Finally Venom had the articulation he should have come with in the beginning!


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