Custom Venom Action Figure with Symbiote

I'm still trying to make the perfect Venom that suits my tastes and I think I've come close here. The head is a modified Sinister Six recast by CKCastings and the body from the Spiderman scorpion tail one. The back has been filled so there's no more hole along with the rest of his joint holes. The big change in his articulation is the elbows which I added a swivel to the regular hinge and the waist where I removed more of the plastic allowing him to squat and sit.

Venom's crazy accessories include a symbiote spawnling that fits over another figure's head and has bendy tentacles, a larger swiping tentacle, barrel/crate/manhole cover to throw, and a base. I really like how the tendrils came out this time, much thicker and nicer looking than my old ones

Custom Venom Action Figure

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