Custom Venom with Bendy Tendrils and Base

Here's a fan request that I've needed to make for a long time.. a Venom with gray shading instead of blue. He's grittier looking with a buff body and those nifty bendy tendrils too! I used a DCSH Parasite body, Sabertooth hands and feet, and a retooled Toxin head. Basically I painted him black and then airbrushed the gray shading. The chest and back symbols were both painted by hand, whew! The base came from an old ARMS Knight figure and I sculpted black goo on the back using the Plasti-Dip. That's what I used for the tendrils too, coating formed pieces of craft wire to make three different tendril 'webbing' for Venom. There's two long individual tendrils and one web, all of which can be wrapped around other figures and of course Venom. Enjoy!

Custom Venom Action Figure

Custom Venom

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