Custom comic-style Venom from Spiderman

Wow, I had a ton of emails about my first new 09 Venom based on the Gargan scorpion-tail body and a lot of them requested the long-jawed comic style with slobber. So here he is! The lower jaw and upper mouth have been completely resculpted with opaque teeth from flosspiks. The tongue is magnetically attached and can be removed, covered with an green tinted epoxy slime that's also dripping from his jaw. To give him turning biceps I used the discs in a Sigma 6 Heavy Duty, shaved them down, and dremelled out the plug hole in the bicep.

He also has bendy back tendrils made with my old plasti-dip guide directions! Top it off with the dark-blue inner shadow that's given to him in the comics an you have a really nasty Venom to battle your Spiderman figures!


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