CustomMarvel Legends Venom with opening jaw

When the new Spiderman series Venom hit, people were less than thrilled. Yeah the scorpion tail was removable but he still had some oddities about him like the pupils, and no bicep swivels. Well all that's been fixed! His head was taken apart by heating it and I carved out the inside a bit, adding a hinge so it can open and close like the Marvel Icons one. Venom also has sculpted in eyes/back, and a whole new set of teeth individually set in to gums made from Aves Fixit. I used Son of Hulk inner elbow discs to create swivel-biceps for him and expanded the area around the hips so his legs could move better.

Honestly the hips are fine even tho there's no ball-joint there. They move just like regular figure hips somehow and look decent so I wouldn't mind seeing these on more figures if they had to do away with the ball joint. A complete repaint including the most detailed Venom eyes I've ever done, 2-foot wire webline made from coated craft wire, and you have a brand new Venom sure to scare the heck outta his webslinging foe!


**For info on what to use for perfect looking Venom teeth, head to my old guide here!

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