Custom 'Ghost Rider Movie Style' Vengeance Marvel Legends Figure

Following with my theme of 'oh-wow-the-Ghost-Rider movie-came-out-so-I-must-make-figures', I've made a movie-style Vengeance for your veiwing pleasure! No, Vengeance wasn't actually in the movie, tho they did make a figure of him. Unfortunatly the store-bought figure wasn't quite what I wanted him to be. I needed him to be taller than Ghost Rider and more menacing. The head, shoulderguards, chest flames, ribs, forearms/hands, and belt are from the GR Movie Vengeance figure. The main body is from a ML3 Ghost Rider however and the lower legs/feet are from the ML 11 Vengeance. I tried to use all GR-esq parts here as you can see! The longer spikes on the head and shoulders were made from bits of that X-men Evolution Spike character.

Vengeance's HellCycle was made from the old ML11 Veng cycle he came with but with major modifications. First I lengthened the forks and set the front end up so the bike is longer and the body raised up off the ground. The lower jaw from a Spawn Violator figure was added, the seatback is from a Project ARMS Knight's arm-shield, the bone-gas tank-guard from one of the GR weapons, and then the bike was painted with a 'charred bone' look to it. I added various metallic effects so it looked similar to the regular Ghost Rider Hellcycle. At the end of the day I'm pleased with how he came out, that different body makes all the difference in the world.