Marvel Legends Spiderman vs Venom custom figure set

When it comes to hero vs villain there's few pairs that can match Spiderman and Venom! Here these iconic characters are done in Marvel Legends Style. Spiderman was made from a Spiderman Classics series 1 head, Shoot-n-trap body, and Spider-Sense (or bolo attack) arms and lower body. Venom was made from the Sinister Six Venom head modified to fit on the Gargan body. His elbows were changed from hinges to swivel joints using the guide in my Guides and Tutorials section. I added a repainted Young Justice Red Arrow rooftop base and a Green Lantern Parallax alternate symbiote hand to give these two a battle you'll never forget!

Custom Spiderman
Custom Venom
Spiderman vs Venom
Custom marvel legends
Marvel Legends Spider-man

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