MOTUC custom 'Universe Prince' Korean bootleg-themed figure

"The self proclaimed 'Universe Prince' travels the galaxy in search of adventure and fortune, all of which he had heard were plentiful on Eternia. But this was no ordinary prince. Hailing from a planet of shapeshifters, Nok-Koff has the ability to copy a being's attributes including size, strength, and even abilities which aided him in his conquests. When he arrived on Eternia Nokk-Koff met He-Man and instantly took his form. With advanced weaponry that can mimic the weapons of his enemies as well, but is he friend or foe to He-Man?"

Here's a custom Masters of the Universe Classics figure that's based upon the Korean bootleg He-Man toy called 'Universe Prince'. All the shades, colors, and design were chosen based on that figure and you can google it for the original reference. Nok-Koff was created using a He-Man body, Mo-larr head with He-Man hair, DCU Darksied lower arms, Geldor lower legs, Sky-Klone waist, and modded harness/weaponry from other figures.

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