Custom Ultron with atomic breath

Here's my bulked-up patchwork Ultron in all his shiny, acid-green glory! He's got a clear plastic insert that fits into the mouth with all the little back dots to make it look like he has the 'atomic breath' thing, to preserve the clean acid green look as well. He was made from a Deathlok body, the glider head of the ML12 Ultron, and the removable back fins are from an Energon Shockwave gun arm. Remember the plastic spoon handles I used for Cyclops' energy beam? The energy claws are made of the forks in the same set, heh. All the bulked up tech on him is apoxie sculpt. While not a comic-apperance Ultron, he's still recognizable. I just wanted something different than the regular customs of him, which is another reason I chose the green eyes/mouth and accessories.