"End of the Road" Ultra Magnus custom Transformers figure

"When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth."

This week Ultra Magnus is given the post-apocalyptic look. This noble warrior has witnessed countless battles and seeks to bring justice to all Decepticons the Autobots encounter. He was created from a Voyager Sentinel Prime, modified Dirt Boss head, and WfC Cliffjumper hands. Magnus' shellformer-ish backpack can be removed and set up as a missile base with Hailstorm's rocket pods integrated on to the top. It can also be worn with the rockets aimed over his shoulders. Two extra hellfire missile pods can be attached to Magnus' shoulders and his giant hammer was made from all sorts of fodder pieces and can be stored inside/on top of the missile rack. Chains were added and he was given a faded rust-weathered sponge paint job to complete the look!

 Ultra Magnus  Custom Ultra Magnus Custom Transformers figure Custom Transformers

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