Ty-Daal-Ray custom figure, original Masters of the Universe Classics character!

Deep beneath Eternia lies a vast expanse of subterranean rivers and oceans protected by the heroic Ty-Daal-Ray. Nicknamed 'Tidal Rave' by his allies because of his wild colored fins This aquatic warrior knows every delta and shore of Subternia's waterways and is ready to defend them against any foe. Ty-Daal-Ray was created using a stock MOTUC body, modded halo 4 Grunt head, Ben 10 Highbreed vinyl figure upper wing set, Hydron lower legs, Man-E-Faces codpiece/chest hose, toybiz Venom Phage hands, and Prometheus Trilobite tentacle tail. Getting the parts to fit together was challenging as was blending the sculpt together but I'm thrilled with the finished product. One sea-inspired paint job later, sealing and detailing, Ty-Daal-Ray is ready to battle evil wherever the tides take him!

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