Custom Cobra 'Tunnel Viper' original character

"On occasion even Cobra realizes they need to go under a target instead of through it. That's when it's time to send in the Tunnel Vipers. These low-light miners sport powerful drilling equipment with special alloy drill tips that allow them to bore through any material.. even a Joe's tank armor! Coming up from the ground the Tunnel Vipers can surprise an enemy unit or even sink an installation by weakening the foundation and placing explosives. We only learned about these troopers recently when out operative Tunnel Rat came face to face with a unit, barely escaping with his life. Now we have to watch above and below for a Cobra threat!"

This figure was made from:

Head: Cobra Resolute Trooper
Body: Sgt Flash
Lower legs: Mutt
Feet: Snow Serpent
Backpack: Matt Trakker, IG 86 droid, and fodder parts.


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