Custom Tron Bonne: GI Joe Alterverse

"From out of nowhere comes Tron, a feisty little lady with a hand for creating her own bizzare mechanical contraptions such as Ride Armors. Rock and Gung Ho encountered her while searching for a band of Air Pirates just outside of the East borders and were assaulted by her robotic helpers. After some long negotiations Miss Bonne begrudgingly agreed to help the Joes fight Wily and Cobra's forces when she realized some alliances are more dangerous than others. We will have to keep a close eye on her for the time being."

This figure was made from:

Body/head/legs: RoC Agent Helix with sculpted hair
Arms: Lady Jay
Skirt: Snow Job
Jacket: Indy Mutt

Ride Armor mecha was made from Iron Monger body, Microman parts, Yu Gi Oh golem, MARS mecha figure.

Tron Bonne

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