Custom Rinzler from Tron Legacy


The Spinmasters Rinzler was great in sculpt, terrible in articulation tho. You really can't pose any of the figures doing anything that the characters did in the movie. I aimed to fix that. To do this Rinzler's joints were reworked by removing plastic behind the knees, ankles, front sections of the hips, shoulders, and elbows. Some had to be taken out and carved down and the neck needed to be completely replaced with a double ball joint.

Fortunately the figure pops apart after removing three screws from his back and allowed me to get to the inner light-up features. There I replaced the orange LED with a blue one and filled the light-holes with clear blue epoxy. Now Tron appears as he did in the final moments of the film, where he proclaims, "I fight...for the Users!" turning blue. His weapons were modded blue as well by replacing the orange plastic and detailing everything with bright light blue/white. Separate the index finger from your figure and he can hold his identity discs the right way too!

Custom Rinzler Tron

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