Custom "The Wolverine" movie Logan in suit Marvel legends figure

Ok I'm a sucker for superhero figures in general. I'm also sucker for civilian figures. But I'm an even bigger sucker for superheroes in their civilian attire so when I saw Wolverine sporting a black suit in the "The Wolverine" promo shots I just had to make 'office Logan'! He starts out using a repainted X-3 Wolverine head on the torso of a DC Universe The Blank upper body, lower body of a deluxe Buffy Angel figure, coat from Movie masters Ras Al'Gul (or Alfred) and some fodder fists. I resculpted some of the folds thicker and the cuffs as well. This odd mash-up gave me the most articulated, proportioned look for a suited body. Wolvie's claws are some nifty flared out metal needle tips. Now all that's left is that The Wolverine movie features him slicing through Ninja wearing a business suit for my life to be complete.

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