The Reverend, custom GI Joe action figure

"Always the center of attention as he shouts forth warnings of fire and brimstone, the Reverend prefers to let his targets come to him. With their attention captured by his sermons a sudden blast of gunfire erupts and the crowd scatters! With the job done the Reverend will vanish in the commotion and make his way to the next town... and his next victim. With a bible in one hand and a pistol in the other he only takes jobs that will punish the wicked, this gunslinging preacher man."

This figure was made from:
Head: Buzzer
Hat: Custom sculpted
Coat/arms: RoC Cobra Commander
Belt: Snake Eyes
Holsters: Wild Bill
Body: RoC Duke
Hands: Wolvie Origins Iceman and Logan
Lower legs: Wolvie Origins Logan

The Reverend

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