The Fallen: Tranformers Revenge of the Fallen figure

The Fallen is one terrible baddie of Transformers lore and to see him on the big screen was certainly a treat! He had a great scene where he raised his staff and levitated the army vehicles only to slam them back down. However the toy didn't come with the staff and I figured I should take a crack at making one. The Fallen himself was modified with a longer ball jointed neck, light up eyes with a battery pack, and new hands. The staff was made from parts and a styrene rod. Lemme tell you it took a long time to paint all those little orange lines on the Fallen too.

He no longer transforms into the 'Cybertronian Destroyer' either. The Fallen didn't have an alt mode in the movie and I removed those pieces to resculpt sections so he'd look more accurate to the on screen character this way. Trust me, the alt mode was nothing special.

The Fallen

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