Cobra Terra Drone, custom GI Joe action figure

"There aren't many troopers who are willing to spend all day and night guarding a base in a hot jungle or freezing artic location for weeks on end. Such extreme locations can take their toll, but not on the Cobra Terra Drone. These robotic sentries have three settings; guard mode, patrol mode, and exterminate mode. Modular in design these drones can be equipped for different modes of locomotion over different kinds of terra firma. From two legged, tank-treaded, and even hovercraft based, they can be set up anywhere Cobra needs an 'automated solider'. But we Joes just like to think of them as moving target pratice!"

The Terra Drone was made from a Star Wars chemeleon droid flipped upside down, fodder turret parts, the lower half to an Armored core robot, and various other hoses/fodder sections.

Terra Drone

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