MotUC original character Tentakill custom figure

Continuing in the Masters of the Universe Classics 'Subternia' theme comes the psionic warrior and master of battle tactics, Tentakill! With no mouth present he communicates telepathically and draws the life force from his prey using his tentacles while aiding Terra-Bull in the quest to dominate both below and above. Tentakill was created using a stock Skeletor body, Flogg legs, 200x Triclops armor, and a head sculpt mash of the Faceless one and the brain accessory to a comic Hellboy figure. Tentakill's lower arms were replaced with Spawn bendy demon tails and he was given a Mind-Blaster weapon as well as psionic weapon constructs that fit over them. Now Tentakill is armed for battle against Terra-Starr and the rest of Eternia!

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