Custom Teddy Roosevelt GI Joe Figure

"With the Axis forces' technological rebirth complete the war raged throughout the entire world. The Allies found themselves at a loss needing more powerful weapons, and leaders than before. The answer came in the form of a stout laugh and the clanking of steel, Teddy Roosevelt! The former President was out of retirement and equipped with the USA's latest battle suit and ready for a brand new hunt. His mission: to track down Hideki Tj who had been revived by the Axis powers and harvesting spinal fluid from his victims. With the 'Big Stick' in hand, Roosevelt was ready to throw one last bomb Tj's way!"

This figure was made from:
Head: Trigate Creations custom cast
Human upper body: Dr Jones Senior
Robot upper body: Clone wars Super Battle Droid
Lower body: RoC Cobra Commander
Hands: Fox Sports Robot

Robot Teddy Roosevelt

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