Custom Marvel Legends Udon Taskmaster 6" action figure

Created for a friend who's a hardcore fan of Taskmaster and Deadpool, this is a custom that really took a lot of sculpting to complete. For this custom Udon Taskmaster I started with the ML 2013 Archangel base (same as Bucky Cap/US Agent without boots and gloves) and modded a hood from the DCU Raven figure. All of Taskmaster's armor, straps, and gear was sculpted from Apoxie Sculpt. His head was Archangel's as the base with his mask sculpted over it, the narrow eyes working perfectly! The energy shield on his right hand is magnetic and can be replaced with a single orange button for a powered-down look. Taskmaster's handguns can be removed from the holsters under his arms, his sword sheath pegs to his back, and he comes with an assortment of guns and edged weapons to get the job done!

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