Custom Transformers Tap-Out action figure

According to the Transformers Wiki, Tap-Out was once a long time prisoner of the Decepticons and mastered some incredible grappling/hand-to-hand combat skills. I thought that was pretty cool, a wrestler/melee fighter Autobot! Soooo, here he is. Tap Out was made from a Generations Drift with the spoiler removed and the feet modded. To get them like that you have to remove the toe and cut a groove where the front of the foot can continue to fold back, that's about it. Now he has a nifty hoof-look. I used a WFC Bumblebee head for him and gave him articulated hands from a Revoltech Black Ox so he could wrestle with some Decepticons. A paintjob and gloss sealing later, Tap-Out was finished!

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