Custom Tanaka, GI Joe Sigma Six Figure

Continuing with my theme of original Sigma Six characters, I introduce to you Tanaka. He's made from a Cobra Commander body with shoulder/hip/moon crest armor sections from a Jagun Fighter Figure from Bandai. The ponytail came from a Final Fantasy Gilgamesh figure, the amulet was from a Shadowrun Mage (some beast-looking guy), those inner shoulder guards were from the battle axe being held by the statue in the McFarlane Matrix Chateau boxed set... What else. Ah, the hood is that Zartan Mask Lt Stone comes with the face missing, the tiny skull on it is from Spawn's Lotus Warrior, and of course the smug mug is Firefly's head sans goatee. Whew! It all came together beautifully and I'll have a bio card with his history/lore done for him soon. Enjoy!