Custom Original TMNT Comic Figure Set

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never go out of style apparently since there's yet another movie dedicated to them! But does anyone remember the oldschool comics where all the turtles wore red bandanas and had a more serious tone? Well I do! The old comic spawned some awesome graphic novels and some RPGs as well. To pay tribute to the old TMNT comic, I whipped up the four shell-shocking brothers with their old look using extra Leonardo figures I had left over from swiping their sheathes/swords for my Deadpool customs. Of course now I needed new weapons... so I made them from scratch! Each weapon is made from bamboo and/or stainless steel, then wrapped with fabric and shined up nice. The Turtles themselves had their belts crafted from faux leather and detailed like they wore in the old comic. I did variations of the eyes and bandanas to give them a bit of individuality while maintaining the similar look to them. Their shellbacks are also highlighted differently with browns and greens and dark, gritty shading was added. Throw in a hand-made rooftop base and you have the original TMNT ready to party!