Spiderman ( Symbiote Black Costume)

Many thanks to DoubleDealer of the Fwoosh who helped me get my airbrush working! With his help my painting can rise to the next level!

Here we have a Marvel Legends Symbiote Spiderman styled after that 12" Medicom Rah Spidey they came out with. The alternate 'mid-phase' head they included kicked so much ass, I decided to give it a shot in a smaller scale. I used a Fearsome Foes spiderman (same body as the McFarlane version with the wall) and sculpted over all the webbing, then sanded him down. I retooled the head and eyes a bit, then got to painting. Base coat black, then it was airbrush time. Wow. No seriously, I didn't know shading with an airbrush could turn out this cool, that is until I saw DD's stuff! So here we have my first 'real' shading job, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

The mid-phase head is a He-Man head that's sculpted over partially with Apoxie Sculpt. The whole custom appears simple, yet took me two days to do, hah!

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