Custom Symbiote Hulk Action Figure, Marvel Legends

He's big, angry, green....and black? It's the Hulk alright, but he's been taken over by an alien symbiote! Following in the theme of the new Spiderman: Web of Shadows video game, heroes and villains alike are infected with the symbiotes. This is my original design as Hulk never appeared in the game, but if he did I would have loved to see him like this! He was made from a Marvel Select hulk body, Pitt BAF hands/feet, and the head from an old Snowman figure.

I resculpted various parts and gave him an airbrushed paint job since he was so large. After all is said and done he weighs in at almost 3 pounds and is over 10 inches tall making him my biggest Marvel Legends custom to date.

Symbiote Hulk

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