Custom Symbiote Deadpool Action Figure

"It was strange at first, this alien presence. I was in the middle of a kill when the goop hit me. First I thought the Trapster was up to his old tricks again but this stuff moved. It crawls in, invading every pore of my body, got into my mind. It wanted to take me over like it had done with everyone else in Manhattan.

But it wasn't prepared for what it found inside me. Have you ever wondered what it's like to throw a midget covered in grape jelly in to a cage full of chimpanzees hyped up on PCP? Well it hadn't either. Now it's just another voice inside my head. Welcome to my world you symbiotic little freak. Welcome to Wade's psycho funhouse!"

Here's yet another Symbiote character creation based on the Spiderman: Web of Shadows video game, Symbiote Deadpool! He's an original design not featured in the game and was made from a Ripclaw body, Angel arms, Carnage Lower Legs, and a custom sculpted head/body suit designs. I gave him bendy tendrils to hold his arsenal of weapons and a pair of forearm blades, heh. No Dudepeel here folks! Forearm blades can be cool if they're done right. So here's my take on what if Deadpool were infected with a Symbiote, wrote up the intro to it too!

Symbiote Deadpool

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