Custom Swindle/Shockwave Transformers clone

Hah! Here's an odd TF you won't find in the game or movie. He's my 'Swinwave' design, your basic Swindle customized into a Shockwave clone of some sort. The camera-head bots just screamed 'Shockwave' to me so I had to try it. His head/collar has been modded for better range of articulation and his hands have been replaced by a Front Mission3 hand and Power Rangers Overdrive gun barrel that came from the black rander's accessory. Swinwave is the star of my soon-to-be-released Transformers painting guide too! It features step-by-step instructions and even the sealing step because he's a shiny car. Basically his robot parts were painted black and drybrushed with aluminum, car sections painted with Lich Purple, details with copper and gold, then random decals I had lying around added so he wasn't plain looking. I even found some tiny numbers for the liscense plate!