Custom Swindle Transformers action figure!

Here's Combaticon Swindle done in a Generations style and an 8" voyager scale height. He was made from the Transformers Crossover Iron Man Humvee, head from ultra class Silverbolt with a newly sculpted face/crest, main gun from Animated Swindle with extra parts, reworked hubcaps, and completely reworked inner joints to remove the clicky-ratchet style for smoother motion. Swindle's head is now on a full ball joint which gives him much more personality and tons of movement. Swindle was painted with Tamiya Dark yellow spray lacquer, testors gunmetals/metallics, and Formula P3 paints.

On a separate note the Iron man Crossover mold here is my favorite out of the whole series. Everything is sharp looking, wonderful articulation, design, and just the overall heft of the figure. You could probably turn this guy into all sorts of things!

Swindle Transformers

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