Custom Sunfire as Apocalypse's Horseman Famine

Props go to TFMANIAC who did it first, using the FF classics Human Torch as Sunfire. I had been searching everywhere for one and finally found it, intent on making an all-new Sunfire in his Apocalypse Horseman 'Famine' costume. Well here he is, and it's pretty simple to do. FF classics Human Torch with black Apoxie Sculpted armor, a little paint, and yer done. I tried not to copy TF's design, so I dug up new pics of Sunfire's Horseman costume and copied that.

The only thing that bugged me about his new costume was the size of the chest triangle and the mask. So I doubled the triangle and then got stumped on the mask. I just wasn't impressed with how the artist's drew it. I mean he's a freaking horseman now, shouldn't he look all evil? So I took artistic libeties and redesigned the mask to kinda look like a Spawn Skull, but with touches of the AoA mask and a ridge around the whole thing for some variety. Makes him look a LOT nastier in my opinion. here he is!