Custom Masters of the Universe Classics Stinkor Figure

Something stinks... And it's my custom Masters of the Universe Classics Stinkor! If you ever had this guy as a kid you remember the terrible smell that would come from him and cling to all your other figures. Well I've recreated him using the body of Stratos, Mer-Man's alt head with added gas mask, lower arms from Skeletor, and Hordak's lower legs modded without the bats. His containment vest was made from Hordak's vest, 2002 Mek-a-Neck's front armor section, an Iron Man backpack tank, and various hoses/fodder parts.

There's absolutely no sculpting on this skunk to prove once again you can customize with just what you have laying around in your parts box and make a completely new character! A Sigma 6 scythe weapon and Narnia shield completed his look and he was painted with Formula P3 paints by privateer press. Enjoy! But enjoy with adequate ventilation... He even stinks thanks to a core infused with Patchouli oil, the exact same scent the original figure had!


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