Custom Croc Armor Steve Irwin vs Death Ray tribute figures!

You know who he is, the familiar shout of "CRIKEY!" still lingering in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Steve Irwin was a great hero in life, so great he deserves to be a superhero. Here Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin gets the superhero treatment and is pitted against his deadly adversary, Death Ray. Irwin was made from the head of the talking Walkabout Steve Irwin action figure, LCBH Super Patriot body, and ML Face Off Red Skull forearms. His chest armor came from Batman and croc-helmet from a DCD Armory Aquaman.His tail, shoulderpads, Croc-Rocket punch, and belt came from a toy alligator. The Hawk-board was made from a Spiderman 3 Green Goblin flightboard and Drop Bear from a toy koala.

Death Ray is of course his adversary and was made from a Spiderman classics Venom, toy stingray, Spawn Interlink armor for his forearms, DCU Desaad chest pack, and Megablocks War Machine leg armor. His laser spines came from some clear cocktail forks and death ray gun from a Star Wars Grevious Bodyguard crossover figure.

I remember watching Steve Irwin's The Crocodile hunter show and wanted to honor him with these figures. He was a real life superhero, teaching kids and adults about the wonders of nature. I'll always remember cringing every time a snake or croc leaped at him, Steve was one fearless host! He will be missed greatly by everyone and is truly an Australian Legend.

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin

Custom Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin toy

Steve Irwin figure

(In loving memory of Steve Irwin, February 1962 – September 2006)

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