Custom Steampunk Batman action figure (6" DC Universe scale)

"I saw him gliding across the tops of zeppelins that night, an iron shadow with gnashing gears and scalloped wings of copper." ---Gothaven City Resident

As promised I'm expanding my DC Steampunk line with more characters and the Brass Knight himself, Steampunk Batman is up next. The story is set in an alternate timeline within the city of Gothaven with the Joker leading the clockwork soldiers from Clownstein Castle.

This custom Steampunk Batman was created from a Marvel legends Steve Rogers upper body, DC Direct Batman head, and Marvel Legends Punisher lower legs. All the armor/goggle/detail was hand-sculpted with Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt and real leather straps were used. The clockwork wingpack was created from fodder parts including two dark blue wing sections from some other Batman toy and cabled throttle controls. His grappling gun was made from a Gears of War Locust gun. Real metal gears and brass fixings were also used to bring this Steampunk Batman figure to life. I have Steampunk versions of Robin, Joker, and Bane planned along with other DC Universe characters like Green Lantern and Darkseid so stay tuned!

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Steampunk Batman

Steampunk Figure

Batman action figure

Clockwork Batman

Steampunk DC Comics

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