Custom 1:18 Scale Stealth Elf Skylanders figure

Stealth Elf is all grown up! Instead of just adding joints to the base Skylander character as I have in the past I ditched her chibi body and kept only her head and lower arms. Ahsoka Tano's body was used, some lower legs from another SW character, the feet thebn reshaped luke hooves. The fangs were dremelled out of her hands so he could hold other weapons and upgraded pook blades were made from various fodder pieces. Once painted she resembles a grown-up Stealth Elf is Skylanders were to perhaps be made in a 1:18 action figure scale. She still works with the game however, able to re-attach to her base which has the RFID chip inside.

StealthElf Skylanders Customized Stealth Elf Articulated Skylanders

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