Custom Starscream Movie Figure with new arms

Itís time for another Starscream! This time around I went with the gray colors because thatís the actual shade of the F-22 Raptor jets. I kept looking at his gunpods too.. they needed to go. So they went and in their place, new fully-articulated arms! The upper arms are the lower leg sections of a Robot Replicas Bumblebee (who I cannibalized the head and gun arm for my new BB, heh) using Xevoz ball-joints to attach them into the empty sockets where the old arms use to be. Turns out Xevoz ball-joints fit perfectly up in the socket, turns and everything! Now you know what to use to swap the arms with. The lower arms were made from a Zeong Gundam MS in Pocket fig and the hands are from a Master Gundam figure. Gundam, the never-ending parts supply, hah! Starscreamís neck was made into a ball-joint using a minicon joint too so he can look in all directions. Some highlights, shading, and heís ready to go! The arms pop off in jet mode so it looks waaay sleeker. I added a classic Air Force symbol in the correct spot on the wing as well, making his jet mode look like a real F-22. Enjoy!

Custom Starscream Figure


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