Custom 1/6th Scale Tony Stark with chest Arc Reactor

Here's my completed 1/6th scalecustom of Tony Stark. It uses the male Caucasian Hot Toys True Type body with custom neck peg that fits the Mark III Stark alternate head, HT Two Face dress shoes, blue pen stripe suit from Store-Rooms, and Aviator 'Bruno' style sunglasses. The tie was custom made as were the Stark Industries folder with blueprints, maps, etc. The martini is a topper from an acylic martini pick set found at Bevmo.

Stark's arc reactor inside his chest was created by taking apart the body and drilling out sections, then installing a custom light-up unit. There is a dedicated on/off switch hidden on his back that allows the arc reactor to stay on and shine through his shirt as well and the batteries can be accessed through a panel.


Tony Stark

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