Custom Transformers 'Starcee' figure: Arcee Jet Mode

Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a, it's my custom Autobot Arcee! As agile and deadly as Arcee is she gets the short end of the cog when it comes to dealing with flying enemies. Well no longer, now the sexy blue Fembot has a sleek new jet mode! This custom Transformers'Starcee' was created using a heavily modified Beast Hunters deluxe Starscream, PRID Arcee head and two forearm blades. Her once obtrusively placed cockpit detaches and stores in her chest while she's in robot mode. (All you basically have to do for your Beast Hunter Starascream is trim it off and carve a little extra room up under the front chest armor for it). She was basecoated with Tamiya Light Blue Spray Lacquer with Testors Model Master Acrylic detailing. Now Arcee is ready to blast off and battle the high flying decepticons as well!

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Custom Transformers

Transformers Prime Arcee

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